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May 05, 2004



I understand that Flash and SEO is a big issue, and being an HTML AND Flash-based Web Developer, I've run into many situations where this is apparent, but let's please not mix up issues here. Your points #2 (Flash takes a long time to load) and #4 (Flash sites are not necessarily user-friendly) are not valid arguments in a discussion on SEO where it's Flash vs. HTML. In an age where too many HTML sites are guilty of the same crimes, stating those arguments just makes those of us who use Flash (for the most part) for good (not evil) want to dismiss your other, valid points. Just because a site is in Flash doesn't make it load quickly or slowly or easy or hard to use. And, most certainly, vice versa.

Laura Seeley

Points #2 and #4 address not SEO but sales conversion, and in that sense are very relevant to an article on "Flash Websites, Internet Marketing, and Conversions".

What I said was that Flash sites can take a long time to download. They can, and often do. They also frequently lack the type of structure that allows users to navigate freely to any page in the site from any other page, which is very popular with site users.

These same weaknesses can and do occur in sites written in HTML, ASP, PHP and others -- but that doesn't mean they aren't weaknesses that you should try to avoid, in any language. They don't necessarily affect SEO, but they certainly affect how visitors view your website.

For a Flash site, the "fix" is an easy one: Offer a static version that avoids the problems. Either a complete static site, or at least a static landing page, with text information and streamlined graphics, that gives you the option to click and view the Flash version.

Fair or not, almost 80% of people surveyed preferred a non-Flash website to a Flash version of the same site. If you don't want to restrict yourself to just 20% of your potential site viewers, making a few accommodations of this nature are a wise move.

jack musselman

I need a developer to develop a product page template in flash with Dream Weaver Ext.

Background: Gary (retired engineer from NASA-Houston - not in software) built the website www.usablindsdirect.com and posted it one year age. We also think that is takes a couple of years to get registered with the network guru's. We need to get our page smoother so quick quotes and the shopping cart leads the customer to the check out page and his or her credit number.

I'm sorry, my name is Jack Musselman (retired from NASA) we are in Houston

Ours wife’s are red heads and said, get out the house and do something or else. So, we start the website.

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Larry, web designer

I think you should really ask the client what he wants. Some just don't care if their site is user-friendly or not. That is why they go for attractive sites with the Flash elements. It really the question is whether you'd like to pull the customers from the cyber world or you'd rather stick to conventional forms of advertising. Larry, web designer

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