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October 11, 2004


Carl Sorensen

Great article! These are 10 important tips that anyone interested in SEO should learn. I'll admit I am not an SEO expert yet but my sites are slowly moving up the ranks!

To Our Success!
Carl Sorensen
Lead Capture Pages


Here's a free SEO Keyword Analysis Tool:


Great way to help improve your search engine placement.


Here's a free SEO Keyword Analysis Tool:


Great way to help improve your search engine placement.

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i like www.googlerankings.com

Matthew Bird

I was just reading this article from MediaPost on keeping up with the ever evolving and competitive search engine PPC space. For everyone starting up an internet based business, this is a simple and easy read for preparing to battle in the Search Engine Marketing arena.
We use SEO Global, http://seo-global.com www.seo-global.com for our Search Engine PPC Marketing. But is you plan to test it on your own first before utilizing SEM and SEO firms to help maximize your ROI this article will be helpful.

I WAS SPEAKING WITH SOMEONE the other day regarding managing a paid search campaign and I was shocked to hear him refer to managing a paid search campaign as "easy."
"Easy?" I said.
He replied, "How hard can it be? I go to the Google or Yahoo! Web site, create an account, plunk down a credit card, select 100 keywords or so and change bids when necessary."
I asked, "Really? And, how have your results been so far with this strategy?"
He responded, "We are getting some profitable conversions, just not as many as we would like."
It amazes me that there are people out there who still believe the myth that paid search is simple. It's not. In fact, it's downright complex -- and getting more so every day. If the rules aren't changing, the players are. If the players aren't changing, the playing field is. If the field isn't changing, the tools are. So who really is on First?
>From keeping up with the major players and their rules, to accommodating expanding keyword volumes, to understanding the role of technology, paid search is a complex game with one constant: Things are changing all the time.
So what's a marketer to do to stay in the game? Here's what you need to consider:
Playing Field The playing field is ever-evolving. There are currently three major auction platforms (Google, Yahoo!, and AskJeeves) with MSN launching soon. While they are all keyword auctions at the core, each one has different nuances. Understanding how your bid strategy must differ by auction platform is a key part of solving the ever-growing complexity of paid search.
Keyword Volume Expansion As keyword prices continue to rise, marketers are continually forced to expand their keyword set in search of cheaper conversions. The average paid search campaign is around 1,500 keywords and growing. As the number of keywords managed grows, the complexity of managing the overall ROI of the campaign grows as well. This has become too unruly to do manually. How will you know what price to bid on a particular keyword Monday afternoon when you are managing thousands of keywords with shifting bid landscapes?
Role of Technology Further still, there's the role of technology and its impact on the outcome of the campaign. The expanding playing field and growing keyword volumes necessitates technological intervention - manual management just won't cut it anymore. The right technology can provide you with a competitive advantage over others in the auction place; especially if your competitors are using inferior technology or worse -- doing it manually.
A Tool here. A Tool There. A Tool Everywhere.
As the popularity and growth of the paid search arena has expanded, so has the number of new firms entering the bid management space. It seems like every day someone is introducing a new bid management tool or making bold claims that they have developed a system like no other, when they have yet managed a single paid search campaign.
Final Score Clearly, the game of paid search is complex and changing daily. For marketers, understanding the components of paid search and the changes taking place is critical to staying in the game and remaining competitive in this arena.


What do you mean you use SEO GLobal, you're link says you are SEO Global ... makes your post seem kind of irrelevant now.


Searchboth.net is the first site to place google and yahoo side by side on one split screen. The web site takes the user's query and creates a browser window with two frames, with the results from Yahoo! on one side and those from google on the other. It has completely end up the hassles involved while searching different search engines at the same time.


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Amichai Inbar

It is true that not all of the people in this business knows SEO and this is the main reason on why they depend on some SEO company. Application of SEO can increase traffic, rankings and sales of your site.


This information was very useful thank you very much. I'm just really learning about SEO.


Your article is very imformative. Thanks a lot. More power =)


Your article is very informative. Thanks a lot. More power =)

seo optimization company

Thank you for this valuable information you've shared in your site. it will help those people who wants to know more about SEO. many thanks and good luck to your site.


SEO company

Your article is very informative.


Thank you very much for the straight forward answers to some of my basic questions. I appreciate your article.


I read this article and i found it's very informative for SEO. Earlier to read this i don't know what is SEO but to read this article it helps me lot.
Now i can easily apply SEO to my website.

Regards, CodVenture


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this is very informative.

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Not all are on SEO that is why there are tons of tutorials and even courses designed after SEO. This is for the purpose of spreading and letting the world know about the existence of SEO


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Philippe Bodart

Thank you for this valuable information you've shared in your site.

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nice little starter tutorial. I learned a thing or two. thanks.

Niels Christensen

Thanks for this valuable information. It is concise and to the point.

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I Think the search engine is a great invention, because, in my case, i love to surf the web, and a search engine is essencial!!!
'course the google is the best one, yahoo is a good one too, but a MILES away from the google supremacy!!!
Can't wait to see the new Google Caffeine, i'm so excited!!!!!!

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